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United Kingdom
Greetings, and welcome to my page.

I am not usually one to talk about myself but I will do my best!
Having interests that cover a wide range of topics, subjects and fandoms gives me a vast array of inspiration, much of which I find rather difficult to tap into. You may see this in my highly detailed drawings of robots or technology, to the all more colourful creations featuring dragons and other fantastical creatures.
That said, I have not truly stepped outside of drawing Dragons, Transformers, and vehicles. These seem to be what I enjoy drawing, and as it turns out, what I am best at.
Personality-wise, I consider myself absolutely awesome. Depending upon to whom I speak, I can be incredibly outgoing, downright insane, sassy, annoying, plain weird or refined (this information was gathered off of quite a number of people). However I believe that I can be many other things too, most of all, interesting.
Proud to be British, proud to be Gemini, I have a strong mind and powerful soul, many secrets to keep, much more to speak. Often I can be wise beyond my years, yet other times naive and ignorant.

I try my best to maintain a witty, optimistic outlook, it has worked so far which I am really quite happy about!

So come, view my little doodles, drop me a hello, come know me better! I am sure there are great minds out there willing to discuss the many things that there are....

My FurAffinity:…

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  • Listening to: Hymn for the Weekend
  • Reading: Dracopedia
  • Watching: Hermitcraft
  • Playing: Minecraft
  • Eating: Chicken Steaks
  • Drinking: Water
Good evening, boys, girls, and those of you near, far and in between:-
Bringing you a little update, give you a little bit of an idea what is going on in my rather busy life!

First, I have been cracking on with building Commander Incinerator as part of my course at University, and that seems to be going well so far... 6 weeks remain and TOO MANY PARTS are still to be built. This is going to be close. 
I've been heavily inspired lately, however getting those ideas onto the screen remain one of my biggest problems - and I'm sure that is the same for many other people!
Some little projects planned - while others have been abandoned - but as I say, we'll see how that goes, as time is one of my biggest issues!

Final bit of news is that I am going to link my dA to my FurAffinity account! WHAAT? YOU DIDN'T KNOW I HAD ONE?!
To be fair, I have had it since 2013 - and didn't actually do anything with it until today. So officially, I made the account today!
Here's the link if you're interested:…
Come and watch me if you have an FA account...
Bear in mind that I will be posting basically the same stuff as I do here on dA, at least for now.... 

As for that, no other major news. 
Hope you are all well, and I'll catch you later :D

There is no light... by Bryne-Lasgiathan
There is no light...
...that can defeat darkness.

"You were once colourful and filled with life.
But then came sorrow and times of strife.
I am the place of comfort you need,
I am the darkness for which you greed.
Where light cannot enter
Nor a coal or an ember
To warm your blazing heart 
That was chilled from the start."


Remember the Golden Tide?…
This is that same dragon. He's been quiet for a little while, but slowly his stirrings gain momentum...

I'll keep him under wraps for a little while longer.

Very fast and picture that I threw together. Cheated by using textures and a big silhouette that saved me a lot of work. 

Art is MINE

 Gfqizw xmfqq wnxj flfns
Birds by Bryne-Lasgiathan
My arms turn wings,
Oh those clumsy things;
Send me up to that beautiful world...
And then I'm up with the birds.

We don’t need words,
Close your eyes and see,
And we’ll be birds,
Flying free.


Well. A submission. Shock HORROR! 
Thought I'd try something a little different pose-wise, think it turned out alright. Very lazy background, birbs and everything in general. Please enjoy.

Inspired by Birds by Coldplay
Art belongs to ME
Ignes 2016 by Bryne-Lasgiathan
Ignes 2016
Well well well. Another dragoness taken out of the mothballs! THIS, my friends, is Ignes - formerly known as ARDOR, whom I bought off of :iconvaz0r: many years ago.
Now, those of you who remember how she looked originally, you may notice some... drastic colour scheme changes.....
She used to look like this:…

Again, ref sheet style so y'all can see her lovely bod, (though I keep forgetting to include colour palettes... whoops) and a small bio below!

This dragoness is about as fiery as they come, passionate and has one of those can-do attitudes. Though she is actually quite small, she more than makes up for it by being immensely tough. Ignes is one to solve problems through action, not thought and speech. This spontaneity and temperament are more than suitable. Though hot headed at times, she loves to play and embark in activities. Ignes will not take any shit from anyone, and chooses to ignore or brush off those that irk her - though her patience is like a timed fuse; cross the line and you will know about it. 

Ignes breathes a very potent flame that spits and sparks - though it burns at a low temperature it spreads extremely quickly and can quickly engulf anything remotely flammable. She isn't known to have any powers except channelling her energies seem to make her stronger than natural.

Still under construction but will hopefully update as time goes on!

Not that anyone would have noticed, but I may or may not be back after a bit of a big problem with my ISP! 
The problem, which should have been repaired on the day it went down, stretched on for a week... And on the day it should have been repaired, yet AGAIN the Internet went down for another whole week C': 

It's only two weeks, but man - it was the longest two weeks in a while.

So, hello people of the online world. How quiet and drama free my life has been! Struggling to remember a life before the internet was a big deal, and it was quite pleasant. I took up exercising again for the first time this year, and got a TON of work done which I am really quite happy about!

Drawing-wise I have done next to nothing. No Valentines gifts for my lovelies, I'm afraid.... But the exchange thing is still in place so fear not! I'll probably have a crappy sketch headed in your direction sometime soon <3

I'm also very sorry if you wrote a very important journal/status message etc. because I deleted them all. Just to get my ridiculous number of messages down to a more manageable 1,500....

Missing you all, drop me a message and I'll do my best to respond!
  • Listening to: C418 Marketing Squander Versus the Little Man
  • Reading: The Fundamentals of Drawing
  • Watching: Markimoo
  • Playing: Minecraft
  • Eating: Bolognese
  • Drinking: Water

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