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United Kingdom
Greetings, and welcome to my page.

I am not usually one to talk about myself but I will do my best!
Having interests that cover a wide range of topics, subjects and fandoms gives me a vast array of inspiration, much of which I find rather difficult to tap into. You may see this in my highly detailed drawings of robots or technology, to the all more colourful creations featuring dragons and other fantastical creatures.
That said, I have not truly stepped outside of drawing Dragons, Transformers, and vehicles. These seem to be what I enjoy drawing, and as it turns out, what I am best at.
Personality-wise, I consider myself absolutely awesome. Depending upon to whom I speak, I can be incredibly outgoing, downright insane, sassy, annoying, plain weird or refined (this information was gathered off of quite a number of people). However I believe that I can be many other things too, most of all, interesting.
Proud to be British, proud to be Gemini, I have a strong mind and powerful soul, many secrets to keep, much more to speak. Often I can be wise beyond my years, yet other times naive and ignorant.

I try my best to maintain a witty, optimistic outlook, it has worked so far which I am really quite happy about!

So come, view my little doodles, drop me a hello, come know me better! I am sure there are great minds out there willing to discuss the many things that there are....


:COMMISSION: Saeoh by Bryne-Lasgiathan
Commission of :iconsonicfalco: 's BEAUTIFUL character, Saeoh! Many thanks to :iconvictordragon747: for the commission, it was a pleasure to do! I haven't properly done an Eastern dragon before but nevertheless I am extremely happy with how he turned out. Far less anatomical restrictions and NO WINGS huehauheauheuaheuahuea

Want something like this? Check out the commission information here >>>…

Character belongs to :iconsonicfalco:
Commission from :iconvictordragon747:
Amicus-Nocte Contest Entry: SHAMIRA by Bryne-Lasgiathan
Amicus-Nocte Contest Entry: SHAMIRA
At last, my submission for PART ONE of the contest held by :iconamicus-nocte: 
This part of the contest was relatively simple, just to create an icon of sorts... I decided to keep things simple, thus, have a bust of Shamira!
There are a few days left for the contest so if you're willing to have a go, please check it out here >>>…
There are only two participants, me included! GET YOUR BUTTS OVER THERE.

Shamira belongs to :iconamicus-nocte:
Art belongs to ME 
:COMMISSION: VAZOR by Bryne-Lasgiathan
What better thing to do than draw :iconvaz0r: 's character? So here he is! Overly complex, equally as mad as those insane goggles make him look, I had SO MUCH fun playing with designs. Hope you all like it!
If you want something like this, please check out the link here >>>…

Vazor belongs to :iconvaz0r: 
Art belongs to me. 
:COMMISSION: Aura and Aurgal by Bryne-Lasgiathan
:COMMISSION: Aura and Aurgal
Another commission complete! This is :iconrurik-redwolf: 's characters, Aura and Aurgal - two half dragon, half Shriker from his story "Shattered Sins". They are both Mages, with Aurgal being an Arcane master. Their runes glow when in use! 
Anyway, I had fantastic fun drawing the pair of them, and learning about them at the same time. Not the first time I've tried anthro, but these two are among the most successful anthro torsos I have done to date!

Many thanks to :iconrurik-redwolf: for the commission! If you want one like this, check out the information here >>>…
Characters belong to :iconrurik-redwolf:
Art belongs to me.
:COMMISSION: Pouncy pounce! by Bryne-Lasgiathan
:COMMISSION: Pouncy pounce!
My first ever official commission is now complete! :iconrui-eri: wanted a full body coloured sketch of the fabulous Deathtail, and oh how could I refuse? I tried a couple of new things here, introducing my warped art style that has actually turned out much, MUCH better than I could have ever imagined!
I tried to make things a bit neater than just a plain old sketch, and I am genuinely pleased with this.

So, thank you :iconrui-eri: for commissioning me!
Deathtail belongs to :iconvaz0r:
Art is done by MEEEE

If you want a commission like this, please go and read the journal here! >>>…
GOOOOOOOOOOOD evening ladies and gentlemen! 

It has been an INCREDIBLY long time since I posted anything - for which I would apologise BUT I SEEM TO DO THAT IN EVERY SINGLE JOURNAL. EVERY SINGLE ONE. So I am going to forget all about that and start this academic year with something which I HOPE will force me into activity of sorts. 

It all begins with some terrifically cheap commissions, for which I want to draw whatever you guys want for a filthy cheap price. Of course, you'll get my filthy cheap art to match up with it, seeing as I am... quite limited with variety. 

Also, as I am sure many of you will have read in my last journal, I am planning on doing a little Transformers comic, which was, until recently, gonna be a thing. NOT TO WORRY! I still am practising, just losing the will as usual heuaheuaheua

Other news is just the usual, art style is fluctuating, looks cool, impossible to draw anything other than a specific angle, don't like it, yadda yadda. I'm working on it.

The GOOD news is, I hope I have some exciting projects to show you all as the year goes on! This year is particularly important to me as it determines whether I make it big in the model making industry, or fail miserably. I've been in contact with my tutor about a possible Transformers toy prototype which seems to be getting positive vibes! It will be a challenge like nothing else to design and build the many many parts required. I just need you guys to help me choose who to make: Incinerator, Ripside or Switchblade? All will be decided fairly soon so I can get cracking with designs! 

AAAAAAAAANYWAY. Commission information for those interested.
I will accept only points until I can work out how PayPal works! I've had it for ages but I figured that I would start out simple for the sake of it. 
Sooooo.... I'm looking for prices in the region of 60-150 points, depending on the complexity of the task! I don't want to have to finish something properly, so I think a sketchy full body colour is as big as we are gonna get.
Thus, the prices are as follows:

Bust sketch: 60
Bust sketch, coloured: 80
Full body sketch: 120
Full body sketch, coloured: 150

If I don't finish the drawing within a week, I will refund you. 

1: Choose what you want from the list above
2: Comment below, with a link to the character's reference sheet
3: Wait for me to accept before transferring points
4: Be patient...
5: Finished sketch is posted to my gallery
6: Admire my awful attempt at drawing your character

I will attempt at drawing anything and everything. However, I specialise in machinery, robots, and mythical creatures, specifically dragons. So understand if my human or animal anatomy is horrendous!
At the moment there will be infinite slots. I will post each piece to my gallery! 

I think that will be everything! Enjoy the activity while it lasts~

  • Mood: Defeated
  • Listening to: C418 Marketing Squander Versus the Little Man
  • Reading: The Fundamentals of Drawing
  • Watching: Markimoo
  • Playing: Minecraft
  • Eating: Bolognese
  • Drinking: Water

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